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Movie Forum, Movie Talk Forum - Movie Talk, Movie Chat and Movie Discussion

Welcome to The Movie Forum - A Movie Forum for movies, film, movie chat, film chat, movie news, movies, films, movies talk, movie discussion, forum introductions and Birthday wishes only please

  • 1,017 Movie Talk Topics
  • 3,161 Movie Discussions

Movies and Films Coming Soon & Movie and Film Trailers

Talk, Chat and Discuss about upcoming movies and films here. Upload and share Trailers for movies and film now showing also.

  • 1,373 Movie Talk Topics
  • 1,632 Movie Discussions

Movies and Films Now Showing, Movie Reviews & Film and Movie Trailers

Talk, Chat and Discussion om Movies and Films now showing, Movie Reviews, upload and share Trailers for movies and film now showing also.

  • 129 Movie Talk Topics
  • 642 Movie Discussions

Movie Genres and Film Genres

This Movies section represents the different genres of movies and films, talk, chat and discuss about specific film and movie genres here.

  • 95 Movie Talk Topics
  • 526 Movie Discussions

Movies and Films by Year

This Movies section represents movies and films throughout the Years, talk, chat and discuss about films and movies from a specific decade here.

  • 39 Movie Talk Topics
  • 193 Movie Discussions

Movie Actors, Directors, Props, Movie and Film Memorabilia & RSS Feeds

Talk and chat about your favourite Actors, actresses, directors, hollywood, stars, movie quotes, movie trailers, DVDs, Blueray, film niches, movie theaters, upcoming movies and films, box office, tickets, showtimes, theatres, movie reviews, previews, movie stars, trailers, movie news, new film releases and movie props - Movie RSS Feeds from other sites of interest.

  • 5,295 Movie Talk Topics
  • 496 Movie Discussions

Your Film and Movie Collection & Audio Visual Setup

Talk, chat, discuss or post pictures of Your Film and Movie Collection or any Movies or Films you own that you wish to share with other forum members, also talk about the Audio Visual Setup you watch your movies and film on.

  • 51 Movie Talk Topics
  • 172 Movie Discussions

Television Series

Discuss Television Series here - Suprnatural, 24, Grey's attatomy, House, CSI , Lost, Dexter, The Wire, The Sopranos, Glee, Fringe, True Blood, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Family Guy, Simpsons or any other series you wish to discuss.

  • 64 Movie Talk Topics
  • 318 Movie Discussions

Fight club

Fancy a Fight? If you are going to fight...Keep it off the main film and movie forum sections on the movie forum and do it here!..OK? - Adults only...Not neccesarliy safe 4 work.

  • 547 Movie Talk Topics
  • 281 Movie Discussions

General Off Topic Chat, Links, Movie Forum Feedback, Film Forum Suggestions & Information

Other Topics and Links - Talk and chat about other topics, other sites or ask General forum questions here, please let The Movie Forum know in this section if you would like to request anything on this forum or if you have any constructive feedback about the forum

  • 360 Movie Talk Topics
  • 799 Movie Discussions

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Movie Forum, Movie Dealer & ebay Seller Directory

Recommended A-Z Movie dealer & movie ebay Seller directory

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Film, Movie & Comic Conventions

Upcoming Movie & Film Conventions, Collectormania, Comic-Cons.

  • 3,012 Movie Talk Topics
  • 1,171 Movie Discussions

Movies, Memorabilia, Films and Movie Items For Sale

Sell your Film and Movie DVD's, Blu-ray Discs, Audio/video equipment, movies & films and other movie memorabilia items here.

  • 57 Movie Talk Topics
  • 147 Movie Discussions

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